Youth Advisory Council for the PVMHS Student Health Center


The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) values inclusivity, acceptance and respect.

YAC meetings are a safe place that you can show up as you are and be welcomed.

We want to connect with each other and have fun!

We all come to YAC to make others feel welcomed. We have no expectations of how often you attend meetings, or what you choose to become involved in.  Participate in a way that feels right to you. Being present is enough.

We check personal conflicts at the door as to think of the greater purpose of YAC.

We encourage everyone to share all of their ideas.  

We recognize that sometimes what we say is not received in the way it was intended.  We will be mindful of our words. We value clarifying questions and statements and will use a gentle verbal “ouch” if something is upsetting.


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