Michael Medlock, MDSubstance Use Disorder Physician

    Michael Medlock specializes in Addiction Medicine and works with patients to help them control the cravings for substances that can have devastating consequences. He knows that addiction is a treatable disorder of the reward and pleasure center deep in the brain. He has seen firsthand how taking a practical, non-judgmental approach to patients suffering from addiction can turn their lives around.  He is board-certified in Neurological Surgery and board eligible in Addiction Medicine. He has been on the faculty of both Georgetown University Medical School in Washington DC and Harvard Medical School.

    He was on the staff of Massachusetts General Hospital for over 15 years.  

    He is glad to have the opportunity to contribute to the resolution of our opioid epidemic which has compromised and ended so many lives in our community.

    Specialties: Substance Use Disorder Treatment
    Languages: English
    Location: Salem 

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