North Shore Community Health operates under the direction of a patient-majority governing board.

The North Shore Community Health Board of Directors governing board is a group of highly engaged, dedicated people, who volunteer their time, talents and energy to provide NSCH with direction and leadership. Members of the Board reflect the wonderful cultural diversity of the Health Center, as well as our host cities of Salem, Peabody, and Gloucester.

To meet the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) requirement, our Board of Directors is comprised at a minimum of at least 51% NSCH clients. North Shore Community Health finds that our consumer board members add an important vested point of view to NSCH that is critical to its mission success.

The Board of Directors meets monthly, to ensure that North Shore Community Health fulfills its mission to build healthy communities by providing exceptional care to all through fiduciary management, resource supervision, policy and direction development, and general oversight.

Board of Directors

  • Jack Vondras, MPH
    Jack Vondras, MPH Chair
  • Lucy Corchado
    Lucy Corchado Vice Chair
  • Marion E. Winfrey, RN, EdD
    Marion E. Winfrey, RN, EdD Immediate Past Chair
  • Robert Tolu
    Robert Tolu
  • Pam Paine
    Pam Paine
  • Peter Kent Esq.
    Peter Kent Esq.
  • Amy Leach
    Amy Leach Clerk
  • William Sullivan
    William Sullivan Treasurer
  • Tammy Lamonde
    Tammy Lamonde
  • Michael Babb
    Michael Babb
  • Not pictured are current board members Maureen Alyward and Thomas Costagliola.

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